Atiramo – Breathing Time Reveiw

Beginning his journey in music production at 17 on Garageband, Atiramo (real name Oren Atiram) has honed his skills and saw success in the release of his debut album “Four of Wands”. Today we talk about his latest release “Breathing Time” a upbeat dancepop track which showcases Atiramo’s production skill and unique offering to the genre of dance music!

Atiramo’s tracks include melodious dance retro like electronics, with a strong influence of classic and psychedelic trance music combined with some acid elements, dark synths, repetitive techno strategy and progressive house aromas, and as a result, very interesting and unique aftertaste.

“Breathing Time” features rich ambient noises, coupled with unique vocal chops which Atiramo has often played around with in previous songs. In all of his vocal songs, he manages to embed basic vocal loops to his own original instrumental tracks and turns them into a real vocal song. The end result was a pulsating beat with a great retro feel. The track is strikes a fine middle ground between the modern EDM space to 90s dance music.

Atiramo is also a visual project of Atiram, with most of his video clips looking very authentic and coherent but actually are an assembly of free video clips chosen and edited by him. In others he uses creative ways to produce colorful visual art and animations that matches to the theme of the release. Breathing Time is no exception, as it is accompanied with an animated video of a mermaid in an hourglass with changing ambiances from birds in the sky to people walking in a park. Atiramo aims to bring an experience in his projects both visually and acoustically and we welcome the escapism this brings! we love this track!

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