Alt-rock duo Overthought debut with wholesome homonym album

Today we are discovering a brand new duo from Italy. Overthought is their name, and while they self-describes their music as “electro-acoustic rock”, we feel like that would be a rather succinct definition. The duo’s expand onto folk and singer-songwriter realms, delivering a convincing homonym album, ‘Overthought’. 

Originally from Modena (where Tortellini comes from), the duo comprises of Michele Magnani (voice and guitar) and Przemek Werbik (bass). The unusual line-up leave space for not-obvious songwriting, capable to develop a strong melodic narrative and a certain degree of intimacy. The end result is quite delicious, like perfectly cooked pasta. 

‘Overthought’ is a 9-track album, containing mostly ballads and poignant numbers. Acoustic guitars drive the vibe, through a steady and simple playing. This, as they explain, “Lets the bass free to explore – give birth to an easy-listening, yet detailed sound”. And we couldn’t agree more. What really stuck with us is Michele’s vocal tone, raw yet controlled, grounded and precise; A few 90’s alt-rock icons come to mind, the likes of Eddie Vedder. Those influences blend with more recent figures, such as Ben Howard, Stu Larsen and Passenger. “Lighthouse” is our favourite track, collecting all of the folk flavours, with an alt-rock attitude. 

We are fans! Looking forward to seeing what’s on the future for this dynamic duo. In the meantime, listen to their album on Spotify: