Alt-pop riser MOA debuts with exquisite and veracious single ‘Reload’

Here I am with new music, again, on a Friday. Not unexpected, is it? Before you submit to the humdrum of another day, let me just say, this time we do have something truly special. Directly from the frosty Scandinavian lands, MOA debuts today with a well-crafted piece of alt-pop, ‘Reload’, leaving the listener both hooked and impressed. 

Now based in London, MOA grew-up in Sweden, where she had the chance to absorb musical knowledge from an early age. Boasting a typical Nordic flair for songwriting, she adds to the mix a fearless awareness for her past, marked by a complex mental health struggle, declining her experiences into authentic and veracious lyrical content.

‘Reload’ sets itself as a grandiose debut, which we are confident will pave the way for MOA’s steady rise. During an almost exact 3 minutes span, the track travels between various excellent achievements, the first of them being a very catchy chorus, almost transpassing into R&B’s territories. Distorted and sharp vocals characterise the short verses, clearing the path for a minimal yet effective production, relying almost entirely on hard-hitting sample-based drums and deep, grounded bass synths. Lyrically, we are in relationships realms: “We are hurled back into the awkward moment when a past lover enters the room unannounced: “so you showed up uninvited / and you’re wearing all of your best clothes / and I know that, ’cause I bought them / add it to the list of what you owe”. 

What can we say, this is just a really good track. We found it hard to not press replay, and it will definitely end up on our personal playlists. Like it should end up on yours! 

Discover ‘Reload’ on Spotify: