A banger-driven collaboration: Fortúne Igiebor, Kwangz & Danz deliver ‘Tough Love’

Irish-Drill wonderkid Fortúne Igiebor returns with a new chapter in his artistic rise, ‘Tough Love’, a collaboration with Kwangz & Danz, delivering a piece that moves into groovier house territories, while maintaining a core rap and hip-hop essence. 

Only 17-years old, Fortúne has already caused quite a stir in the Irish drill scene, quickly pointing himself out as a rising talent. His latest EP ‘Disruption & Order’ functioned as a career tipping point, pushing Igiebor to expand his music references, looking for new sounds and fresh inspiration. Next to his music endeavours, the Irish rapper has been an advocate for mental health, creating a safe space for peers and young people by means of a weekly show/talk on his Snapchat account, allowing Fortune to glow up as an ‘anti-gangster’ rap act.

‘Tough Love’ travels into dance territories, with producer Kwangz crafting a house-flavoured production while conserving a certain ‘beat’ quality. An infectious and hooky chorus is courtesy of singer Danz, also helping the overall flavour with vocal harmonies and chants. It is then Igiebor that fully realizes the track’s intent, delivering a message based on social media’s role in modern relationships. 

We are on board! Looking forward to hearing more. In the meantime, listen to ‘Tough Love’ on Spotify: