Today we are happy to present you to the intriguing indie pop singer and songwriter Linda and her newest tune ‘Snowflake’. Inspired by the likes of Chris Cornell, Lady Gaga and Frank Zappa, Linda has created her own unique sound. When Linda isn’t making music she glams in aviation which is represented in her music videos too. ‘Snowflake’ is the 3rd single from her anticipated album ‘Trip To Myself’ and is produced and mixed by Abel Mihalik in Hungary. The heavenly tune is about learning from our mistakes whilst still being brave enough to take chances. Meet the interesting artist below.

YMX: Hey Linda, thanks for talking to us. How have these gloomy times been treating you?

LINDA: Being home alone, with my dogs helped me to focus more on my music. I started online piano lessons, and recorded new songs, I spend most of my free time with my upcoming album. I usually enjoy being out and being around people, or spending the weekends at the airfield where I fly, so being home all day was strange for me. I usually try to get the best out of a situation instead of being sad, or complaining. So I “re-invented myself” by starting making music again at the beginning of the lock-down. Being far from my family for the Christmas Holidays was hard, but working on the songs, and the music videos, makes me feel better.

YMX: How did you decide music was something you wanted to pursue? Are there any particular episodes that inspired you in doing so?

LINDA: As a kid I was singing lots of folk music with my grandmother in Transylvania. I grew up in a small village, where music and folk dance is part of our everyday. Later in high-school my teachers sent me to singing competitions, and getting my first guitar as a teen, was a big story changer. When I grew older I started joining music events, singing with my guitar, than later I started working at a commercial radio at the marketing department, where I met a guy, who was having a progressive rock band. He asked me to sing on their upcoming Album. We recorded one single first, than later we recorded 7-8 other. A few weeks after this we had some concerts in Hungary, Netherlands and Romania. This was 10 years ago, I was singing in Yesterdays, for 2-3 years, than I was making back vocals for other bands, and had a small acoustic production is bars for a few years. For some reasons, I always had this feeling, that I have to make music in order to be happy. In Budapest I was not able to meet the right people to make a band, for 8 years, however I never gave up. Last year I met Ábel, my music producer, and we made a song, “Chasing Dreams”. I wanted to have a song about what I feel when I fly with the glider, and I was dreaming about flying on my own music, for years. After Chasing Dreams I wrote Dancing and My Time. I wanted to create a music video for Matt Hall, as he is one of my role models, so this is how My Time was released. Meantime we decided with Ábel to release an album, so this year- hopefully in April- my new album will be released. All the songs are dedicated to a special type of flight or airplane, this will be presented in my music videos. So, I think I was born this way, feeling, that I have to make this, even if I am doing something completely different for living. This project we are working on now, is definitely inspired by my aviation experiences, challenges.

YMX: Here’s a fun game: name 3 artists, or bands, that inspire you and influence your work, and explain why:

LINDA: Lady Gaga is number one for me! I love the values she is representing, her creativity on the other hand, I love her voice, and ideas. Million Reasons was the first song I learned to play on the piano. Foo Fighters is also inspiring for me, especially the Concrete and Gold album. I love the lyrics, and the message, especially Sky is a neighborhood was one the songs that started something in me… It helped me to get-up in the hard times. I always felt, that song is about my life, or me… Third is Chris Cornell. His singing, technique voice, and the message of the songs OMG I cant stop listening them. Listening Chris Cornell, always makes me feel he knows me, and he is singing for me, about me. I love discovering live recordings of him, or not so well known songs.

YMX: You recently released single ‘Snowflake’. Can you tell us how that project came about? 

LINDA: I recently released Snowflakes, my new single. I am working on my new album, titled Trip to Myself, which is including 11 songs, and a bonus track, all composed for flying videos. This album is not only music for flying videos, this album, and the songs are capturing my last year, the time, I spent with me, my thoughts, my personality. Creating this changed me a lot. Helped me to believe in myself, and to share honestly my ideas, concepts. It also helped me to find myself, and understand, accept and love myself more, as I am. First I wanted to have only one song for one gliding video, but working with Ábel, as a producer, and participating to my music classes during lock-down, motivated me to continuously tell stories thorough my songs. Writing stories- the lyrics- were like therapy, and singing, listening the whole song was like medicine, for all my problems, fears, insecurities, etc. People joining on, and helping with the music videos still surprises me, I thought I will just record songs for myself, but people around me love to listen them. I am really happy for creating the album. I was not sure about the title, but now, as I am answering to your questions, I think Trip to Myself is the best fit for it. 😀

YMX: How did the pandemic affect your personal music recording experience? Was it easy adjusting to working remotely? 

LINDA: I am working as an agile coach, project manager in automotive, IT for a living, so having unlimited home-office, saved me lots of time, that I could spend with my music. Recording the songs at Ábels home studio, I think also made everything easier for me. Not meeting as often, and keeping in touch online, and discussing everything online, was a bit strange, but now I got used to it.

YMX: Professional livestreams seem to be really taking over these days. Is it something you would consider doing?

LINDA: It is funny, we never had a Linda concert… as we met during the pandemic, Ábel is playing on most of the instruments on the recordings. We never talked about making an acoustic live stream, but it wont be a bad idea. In the future, once we can have real concerts I will definitely want to have some concerts with a band. The flights we are making with the Altus ultralight plane, are mostly recorded, I am sharing some of the footage, but live streaming them would not be possible for the moment. I don’t have the right technology for that. We are getting ready for a world record, and I promised, if we make it, I will play with my ukulele and sing while flying with the Altus. I will try to live-stream that! Hahaha

YMX: Since pandemic began, online music promotion has become crucial for an artist’s growth. How important is that for you, and are there any strategies you are willing to share with our readers? 

LINDA: Promotion, marketing, branding, was always close to my heart, as I love this fields. In the past I was working at a commercial radio, and music festivals. However in the last 7 years I was in IT. When my first single came out last year, I sent e-mails to radios, and soon realized, the world changed a lot! I started joining communities with other artists, and started learning about how to share/promote our music. SubmitHub, MusoSoup are really helpful. I am not having millions of listeners, but for someone, who just started this project from 0, having listeners on Spotify, it is really great. I am also planning to give surprises for my TOP FANs on my facebook artist page. My albums cover will be actually a creative game, that you will have to solve, and send back a picture to me. So probably the major part of my online promotion will be based on the upcoming album.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

LINDA: I would like to have the Album in hand in April this year -but nothing is sure, due to the pandemic, we can never know, how the production will go on. In every second month we will release a flying video on my Youtube Channel with one of this songs. Id love to have live concerts again, that would be awesome, as I had my real concert as a singer 10 years ago.