Sharp flow and mesmerizing lyrical content – In Conversation with Eric Vattima

We discovered electrifying hip-hop talent Eric Vattima a few weeks ago, instantly mesmerized by his fast and sharp flow, together with an expert and elaborate lyrical maturity. Based in Sin City, US, the R&B riser has been working on his craft from a very young age, finally realising his worth and releasing a series of powerful single, amassing a cumulative 150k streams on Spotify alone. Recently, he returned with a fast and hunting banger, ‘Friends’. On this occasion, we were curious to find out more about Eric’s artistic universe. Here’s what he told us:

YMX: Hey Eric, how is it going? some of our readers might not be familiar with your project, how would describe yourself, in a few words? 

VATTIMA: Hey! Thank you for having me on here! This project takes a blend of R&B and Alternative with different influences of Boom-Bap and LoFi Hip-Hop mixed throughout. As an artist, I’ve always loved exploring topics of self-reflection and social commentary because it makes up a lot of the content that I put out as Eric Vattima. Kind of like if Twenty One Pilots fused more with early Matchbox Twenty, but then sprinkle in tongue-in-cheek lyricism of someone like Mac Miller.

YMX: Your current work is the result of a long journey; What first drew you to making music? 

VATTIMA: I grew up in Las Vegas as a musician’s kid. Both my parents have always been involved in music in one way or another, and my dad was heavily involved in the local music scene on The Strip for my entire childhood and early adult years. After I turned 12, I picked up a pen and started writing because I had a lot of thoughts always swimming in my head, so I used writing to get it out. When my uncle gave me a hard drive that had a bunch of artists like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Rob Thomas, among a few, I started to listen to them and eventually got the desire to write songs.

YMX: What would be your dream collaboration? 

VATTIMA: Oh, getting into a room with John Mayer, Logic, and 6ix to see what we could come up with. John Mayer has heavily influenced my writing style for melodies and lyricism. I find however, in recent years, that I’ve pulled a lot of inspiration from Logic from voice development to flow and even rhyme structure. In listening to a lot of Logic, I started to love 6ix’s production style.

YMX: You recently released a sharp banger, the jewel ‘Friends’. Can you tell us how that project came about? 

VATTIMA: So my buddy Matt Wagner (MNERVA) and I were talking about this idea of having issues knowing who you can trust to be friends and who has your best interests at heart, especially in this day and age, and even more-so when life starts to hit the fan (which definitely happened a lot for many people this year). From there, we took that energy and ran with it, and ‘Friends’ took shape pretty quick after that.

YMX: What inspires your songwriting work? 

VATTIMA: It’s a combination of things from listening to new sounds on Spotify, to general moods where I just have something on my mind, or even as simple as hearing a melody in my head that I feel like I need to get down and go from there. In short, a little bit of everything. People, situations, television quotes, life events, you name it.

YMX: We are all missing live music at the moment. Once on the other side, which music venue would you choose for your first gig? 

VATTIMA: Honestly, we have these awesome venues in Nashville called The High Watt and Exit/In, that I’d really love to get a show together at with some other artists from Nashville. At the end of the day though, I’m just going to be happy though with getting back to play shows for people.

YMX: What’s your band strategy in terms of music promotion? Direct-2-fans or via the “big dogs”? 

VATTIMA: As of now, it’s more focused on Direct-to-fans. A lot of slow growth in reaching out to reviewers and playlisters across the internet as I try marketing new music.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

VATTIMA: Beyond this single, I have my sophomore EP, “fears.” releasing in early 2021, and then a third EP following by mid-2021, in regards to my personal project. My band Eighty-Six Press will also be releasing some singles and an EP in the coming year as we start trying to push into Nashville’s Rock scene next year. As soon as live music makes a return, the plan is to get on the road and start playing as many cities as possible within 500 miles of Nashville for the time being. I want to continue to grow a following outside of this city and keep putting content out while slowly expanding reach back out west.