Not Now Norman – Little Frankenstien (Remix) Interview

We’re back with Not Now Norman! this exciting new rock band has made an impact on the rock scene with talented members and a powerful, meaningful mantra. The band is comprised of Taylor Mitchell (Vocals), Bodhi Turnbull (Drums), Zander Brown (Guitar) and Lara Hindhaugh (Bass). In the past year, they have had features in NE Volume Magazine’s Top 10 Acts to See Live in 2021, winning third place in Artist of the Year Award on Nova Radio – and five of their tracks have been played on BBC Introducing in the North East in the space of just three months. Today, we talk about their latest release, a remix of their song “Little Frankenstien” with the lead vocalist, Taylor-Grace! Let’s dive in and chat with her about the band and the single.

YMX: Hey Taylor, thanks for sitting down with us. What would you say to all our readers new to your project? 

Taylor: Hey there! Taylor-Grace here, thank you for having us! We’re an intergenerational rock band in the UK known for our ‘in-your-face’ lyrics, confrontational themes and loud, sassy sound. If you like old school, there’s a chance that you’re going to like us!

YMX: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue at an artistic level? 

Taylor: My Dad/Guitarist, Zander, played in bands since I can remember and as a kid, I used to tag along and imagine that I was on stage with him, singing my heart out. After I left college, I struggled to find work. It didn’t help that I had a few disabilities. So after several months of sighs and eye-rolls at the slightest hint of being on the spectrum, I became depressed and struggles getting out of bed. My Dad got me to record a couple of covers as a way to help boost my confidence and was surprised to learn that I could sing and suggested I try music as a career path. Being on the spectrum, I sometimes find it hard to put myself in the centre stage unless its with someone I trust 100%. So with that, Not Now Norman was born.

YMX: You recently released a remix of your song Little Frankenstien. Can you tell us how that came about? 

Taylor: Little Frankenstein has actually been released before in 2019. I have this rare bone condition called Hereditary Multiple Exostoses where benign bone tumours grow on my body. So far the treatment available for it is painkillers, physiotherapy and surgery. I didn’t know anyone with it growing up, and kids tend not to like things that they don’t understand. ‘Little Frankenstein’ is the result of all the emotions built up since I was a kid. It was originally released back in 2019 and went really well, especially in the Exostoses community. But during the months of the release of the track, I was going through a traumatic time and the original track became a casualty to the point where I couldn’t look at it the same way. At one point I even considered dropping the track altogether, but luckily the rest of the band wasn’t going to have that. They convinced me to rerecord everything and send it to Ally Lee, who since our second single ‘End of the Day’, has been producing, mixing and mastering our tracks for us. He changed it into a completely new song to the point it felt ‘clean’ again. Little Frankenstein – [The Franken-Lee Remix] is our rebirth both personally and professionally.

YMX: What is the one thing you would like people to feel while listening to the new remix?

Taylor: I would like people to feel a lot of the fire and emotion that we put into the sound and be able to relate to the lyrics. As a whole, this track is all about-self acceptance and being proud of who you are regardless of what people think so it would be great. If the listeners can walk away after listening to this track and feel more confident in themselves then we have achieved our goal

YMXL How did the recent pandemic influence your creative process? is remote collaboration easy for you? 

Taylor: Not being able to record as a full unit isn’t ideal for any band. But we’re lucky in that Zander and I have been co-isolating since the beginning. Because Not Now Normans gear is usually stored at mine and Zanders place from band rehearsals, we set up a makeshift home studio. Mixing and mastering isn’t a worry for us either as Ally Lee takes care of that for us. The only downside is that Lara and Bodhi aren’t able to join us in the recording process, so we’ve had to make to with their feedback on what we’ve come up with. Sometimes it can be hard trying to figure it out, we’ve managed so far and that’s what matters.

YMX: Do you feel more confident writing music alone, or within a team? 

Taylor: I think a combination of the two. I like writing music with others more because there is more positivity of what direction the sound of a track is going. You can build on each other’s ideas and come up with something magnificent. But at the same time, there is the old saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ so there are times where I like to start off by myself and take the time to experiment with different lyrics and sound ideas before I show the others what I’m going for. But when I think about it, I prefer to work with others as they can add things that I wouldn’t have thought of, and the track can reach its full potential.

YMX: Can you name the last gig you played? Would you consider doing a livestream concert? 

Taylor: Because Zander and I have been co-isolating, we have been live streaming on our Facebook since the beginning of the pandemic to cheer our friends and family up. Most of the time we play well-known covers, with a few of our own tracks but people have really taken a shine to what we do. Originally we thought we would be doing it for a couple of weeks, but it grew into something else. I’m glad we have been able to keep it up because we have been able to connect with a lot of our listeners on a personal level. Of course, nothing beats playing as a full band in front of a real audience, but still being able to perform online has been great. In fact, after the easing of the first lockdown, we were able to play a live-streamed gig as a full band at The Globe in Newcastle. It was a great feeling to be able to gig together again even if it was just in front of a camera. We had a lot of fun playing that night and we’re looking forward to being able to that again soon.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? (releases, gigs etc.) 

Taylor: We’re looking forward to our first collaboration with Geo Moon on the 19th of February. This track is a sound style that we haven’t experimented with before so it’s very exciting for us. So much so that it inspired the direction and sound for our next release that we will be announced sometime in the near future. We’re also planning on collaborations with other musicians sometime soon. In terms of gigs, we’re eager to be getting back out there again. In this pandemic, who knows when that will be able to happen safely. But once gigs can happen in a safe manner, you can bet that we will be back out there.

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