We are psyched to introduce you to the brilliant Canadian artist Maddisun who has just released the exquisite tune ‘Meant To Be’ and sung her way into our hearts. It comes as no surprise that the young talent already has achieved more than 150K streams on Spotify alone when you listen to her songs. Her soulful and expressive vocals has a way of drawing you in as she shares her introspective and meaningful stories. This is strong songwriting about believing in yourself and encouraging us to stand by who we are and what we want. Thrilled to learn more about Maddisun we asked her a few questions. Here’s what we learned. 

YMX: Hey Maddisun, thanks for talking to us. How have these gloomy times been treating you?

MADDISUN: Thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview! I am trying to fit these gloomy times with as much positivity and happiness as I can! That’s definitely why I released the new feel good tune “Meant to Be”

YMX: How did you decide music was something you wanted to pursue? Are there any particular episodes that inspired you in doing so?

MADDISUN: I definitely knew from a verrrrrry early age that I wanted to sing and play music forever, and for a living. I knew I wanted to be “Famous” pretty sure from age 4… I started piano lessons when I was 5. Really in high school when I joined the vocal jazz choir and got to tour to Europe to compete did I know that music was something I could definitely do professionally.

YMX: Here’s a fun game: name 3 artists, or bands, that inspire you and influence your work, and explain why: 

MADDISUN: Maggie Rogers, Stevie Nicks, Jade Bird. All extremely talented musicians and songwriters. I really look up to strong female songwriters, and these ones are completely timeless. I write about feeling/emotion and experience, and that is fairly influenced by Maggie/Stevie.

YMX: You recently released single ‘Meant To Be’. Can you tell us how that project came about?

MADDISUN: Yes! Meant to Be is such an exciting release for me. I actually wrote it around the time I was writing the album. I wrote it on the same day I wrote “Days Off” I remember running through the chords and that melody for the verses came to me SO strongly. Me and my band members recorded this mostly remotely, and my bf produced it in our home, where I also recorded the vocals! Since releasing the album, the song has new meaning and light for me. “Meant to Be” Is about staying true to yourself, especially in your creative endeavours. It’s about breaking away from expectations and standards. Healing the pain that is holding you back from truly achieving your goals, and knowing that you are always exactly who you’re meant to be.

YMX: How did the pandemic affect your personal music recording experience? Was it easy adjusting to working remotely?

MADDISUN: Honestly, I have made more music during the pandemic and nothing really changed!!! 🙂 We are musicians, we are so adaptable.

YMX: Professional livestreams seem to be really taking over these days. Is it something you would consider doing?

MADDISUN: Yes, and I actually have a professional live stream that is happening on the 20th of February. You can get tickets here:

YMX: Since the pandemic began, online music promotion has become crucial for an artist’s growth. How important is that for you, and are there any strategies you are willing to share with our readers?

MADDISUN: Promotion and marketing is extremely important to me. In fact I actually do it for a day job as well. It’s sooo important to connect with your online community and post engaging content that will help your fans dive a little deeper into who you are and why you create the music you do. I actually do artistry development/PR for musicians and have some great services any artists should check out on my website!

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? 

MADDISUN: I reeeeally hope to go on tour with my album “Self Reflections” we released in 2020 and haven’t been able to perform a album release show with the band yet, so I am REALLY looking forward to that! I also hope to continue to release singles from our home studio until I decide to put together another album! Always writing 🙂