Hailing from Canada, artists The Fitness, ELMNT and L.O.T. met in the depths of their basement studios in Montreal where they are have now settled. What at first, appeared as a simple jam between three established artists, turned out to be an extraordinary musical connection that led up to this project. The ‘Adultes‘ Album is a moment in time captured into a seven-track album with a soulful hip-hop spin. The Fitness was inspired by Hip Hop his whole career, however, he had never produced anything even close to the genre before. ELMNT not new to this genre brought his experience to the table and L.O.T. fine-tuned everything with her powerful and soothing voice. The trio described the album as a mere pit stop in their creative universe. Check out our interview with ELMNT below!

YMX: Can you tell us about yourself as an artist? Where are you now, how you started, and what are your goals.

I’ll try and keep it short + sweet.. I started as an emcee 20 years ago, since then I’ve developed a label, and still stay active on the scene as a producer, writer, artist. I started back in the late 90’s releasing music on the early internet communities, selling beats to local rappers in Toronto, while creating my name as an emcee through the battle scene. My goal is to live happy, surround myself with creativity and creative people. I feel thankful that I got an outlet for my expression, so more of that.

YMX: Some of our readers might not be familiar with you yet, how would you describe your sound?

Conscious, socially-driven, soulful, lyrical, conceptual, in the feels. I grew up on alot of various eclectic music at home, so I combine styles to convey my message.

YMX: Who have been your biggest influences so far?

J Dilla, Prince, my family, Gospel, Kanye4

YMX: You just released Adultes. Could you tell us how the project came about? 

It was a collaboration between myself, The Fitness, who produced majority of it, and L.O.T on the vocals, she’s got a silky voice. It was an oil the whim linkup that happened at our studios, which were next door to each other at the time. Wolf + Lamb Records from NY heard the first 2-3 tracks and requested us to make it into an EP. It really all came together because the mutual vibe was really tight. Little bit of nostalgia to keep people’s moods uplifted.

YMX: 2020 has been a hard year for everybody, especially for musicians such as yourselves with the absence of performing live. How have you been coping this year? musically speaking.

A lot of production, recording sessions, working on developing there sound further. I got a chance to work with a lot of digital outlets such as yourselves and bridged gaps with creatives from other places. It’s sort of been a blessing to be honest. I usually wouldn’t have the amount of time to take things to the level I felt was necessary because of live shows. Two steps back, three steps forward type of thing.

YMX: What does playing live represent for you? a way to make yourself known or a way to express yourself?

It’s the final piece to the puzzle. The collective energy of a solid show is impossible to mimic without people coming together in the name of music, the energy exchanged is something every artist lives for.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future? in terms of releases, live streams, gigs?

I have an EP coming out next month, Orbita, on the slowed-house tip. I also have a few singles and collaborations coming out this month in my hip-hop modality. I have a few live shows coming up via live-streaming, stay tuned for more info on that!

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