A punk attitude with a pop flavour – In conversation with Sound Of Kalima

Hailing from Vancouver, punk outfit Sound Of Kalima is the brainchild of Sal and Pete, seasoned musicians who, by launching SOK this year, went back to their punk roots, while preserving a certain pop flair over their vocal melodies, which easily get stuck into the listener’s head. That’s exactly the case of their latest effort, the compact punk-pop jewel ‘Did It Again’. Set on a fast rise, we are confident that Sound Of Kalima is going to attract more and more attention as we go along. That’s why we wanted to get on it early, and get to know them better. Here’s what they told us!

Raw, Real and Straightforward – In conversation with Asadsangabi

Hailing from Nashville, Asadsangabi is the solo outfit of Oddnote’s frontman, who last week released the debut effort ‘Mental Vacation’. A 2.18″ minutes jewel, the track is a compressed banger, where no time is wasted, going right to the point and successfully catching the listener’s attention. Balanced between pop-punk angst and more poppy hooks, ‘Mental Vacation’ is a liberating and self-affirming anthem, boasting a simple yet complex message, wrapped into an immediate and infectious package. In anticipation of his future EP, in the work as we speak, we sat down with Asadsangabi to find out more about his artistic universe.


Acrost is a solo acoustic musical project, launched by a solo musician, strongly inspired by his countless outings in the forests and by nature in general. Acoustic guitars and ethereal synths combine with lyrics influenced by folkloristic myths, superstitions, and oneiric experiences. An album will be released track by track throughout …

In conversation with multi-instrumentalist and composer IVAN UTKIN, the creative mind behind “THE LIVING ROOM”

Taking inspiration from French multi-instrumentalist Yann Tiersen and the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, IVAN UTKIN is one of those genial guys who seem to be born to create cinematic and atmospheric music. Mixing the melancholy vibes of Radiohead with a more retro sound, the artist released an album called “THE LIVING …

NEON DREAMS’ rise to the top with their brand new hit DON’T GO HATING ME NOW

Modern productions, fresh sounds, catchy melodies. The Halifax alt-pop duo NEON DREAMS are this and even more. Singer Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris have been making music together since 2015 always aiming for a better result release after release. Though the band had already garnered a gold single in “Marching …

#YMXINTERVIEW | Psych-rock expertise – In conversation with Surfing Stingrays

Surfing Stingrays is the psych-roch project of four friends from Amsterdam. Meeting each other in school their relationship grew until they asked themselves: “should we form a band?” So they did, thankfully, as we appreciate and admire their songwriting talent we can hear in their last effort, ‘So Far Away (Feels Just Like Yesterday)’. A talent so pure that shifts the attention from the rough instrumental recording to the precise vocal melodies, with a top-line that echoes modes and sonic qualities common to Tame Impala. Keen to support them, we had a chat with them and tried to find out more about their psych artistic world.


With Irish and Costa Rican parents, north London pop singer-songwriter, Roxanne Kelly was exposed to a range of music from an early age. The singer now releases her debut single “Dangerous Love”: written by Roxanne Kelly, taking inspiration from personal life experiences of people close to her, the song begs for …