For every article shared on our blog, a tree will now be planted in South America!

We are excited to announce a new, strong partnership with Wherefrom! Championing brands’ sustainability, the platform has been planting trees on behalf of consumers, when they review a product and its environmental imprint. Now, they are stepping foot in the music industry, teaming up with us at YMX into delivering educational campaigns, promo events, and a whole lot of resources about sustainability in the music industry.

The artist as ‘responsible commentator’ – In conversation with indie-pop talent SERENA

Getting ready for an EP release in spring 2021, SERENA is teasing us with an unexpected hard-hitting single, the spoken-word gem ‘Wild Lavender’. A climate change themed piece, the track wants to denounce a certain political attitude, calling instead for responsibility and care for our own planet. After having heard the track, we were instantly drawn in SERENA’s mesmerising artistic universe, so much that we decided to find out more, especially ahead of ‘Wild Lavender’s release, this Friday. Here’s what she told us.