We are proudly presenting you with the freshest emerging music! Abi Mia is an independent London singer and songwriter who started singing and playing since she was a child. The peculiarity of Abi Mia is to write songs that come from the heart and for which she is inspired by her experiences and things that happen in the world. Her key artists are singers such as Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Clarkson. Among the things Abi Mia loves to do while singing her music is to connect with her listeners so that they can reflect and find themselves in her words and so that she can inspire and bring together the people who listen to her. 

Her powerful voice with a bit of soul taste is often accompanied by the piano and keyboard. Today she introduces us and makes us listen to her last song entitled “Here to stay“, a more personal track, intimate and emotional than her previous releases. The song is about how we all have things that happened to us in the past that we want to forget, but it’s just when we think we’ve forgotten that the memory that we thought was buried comes back into our mind, just when we least expect it… Going forward and overcoming difficult things that have hurt us is not always easy, the past and what was negative always finds a way to resurface, but we must do our best to move forward and be strong!

Check out “Here to stay” and follow below!