“VERSES OF VIRTUE”, where talent and creativity meet. The majestic composition by SEA INFINITIME

As a musician and hungry listener, I’m always on the hunt for new exciting songs, possibly with something to say in unique ways. The attention span nowadays is lower than ever and I have to admit that I’d love to hear some masterpiece longer than 3 minutes. Well, I guess today it’s my lucky day because I just discover a majestic piece of Music called “VERSES OF VIRTUE”.

This is not the track you would expect by an unsigned musician and I think this is actually the band’ strong suit. SEA INFINITIME is a three-piece band based in Canada with the gift of creating long compositions where many genres collide together, giving the listener an immersive experience.
During its 20 minutes length, “VERSES OF VIRTUE” will jump from Jazz to Funky beats, from the energy of the Melodic Metal to Classic Rock vibes. The song becomes a statement where the sense of unity is at its core.

Everyone is accepted and everyone can add that extra to the cause, that’s what I’m hearing when this picturesque trio is performing. Reinstein, “Space Mind” and Madman are like the Avengers: they were destined to meet each other to do some good in this grey world and I believe that with their attitude and their positive mindset ( and an inch of the enormous talents they have), they’re gonna make it.