Chicago-based singer-songwriter Tobin Rock uses music as his way of attacking social issues and confronting what affects us as humans in society. Embracing the movement of global collaboration, 2020 has seen Tobin partnering with amazingly-talented musicians, technicians, and industry leaders from around the world to create and orchestrate hard-driving rock arrangements and epic compositions. His latest single entitled ‘Cruel’ is an anti-bullying explorative Hard Rock track recollective of Muse, Foo Fighters, and Radkey.

The track is driven by heavy snare hits, a bright bass-line and guitar stabs that give it an empowering energy. Tobin narrates the track with his poignant yet simplistic lyrics that evoke the anti-bullying message and his signature staccato vocal delivery which is reminiscent of Morrissey. The narrator revisits being bullied as a child and how, many years later, they still ‘feel the pain.’ With ‘Cruel,’ Tobin Rock has also partnered with STOMP Out Bullying, a charity who work to ‘end hate and change culture’. An uplifting, refreshing and awareness-raising narrative told through the medium of hard rock, Tobin mixes humanity and empathy with an undying desire to rock and collaborate with other people far and wide. Check out ‘Cruel’ below:

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