“TIME IS UP”, a cry out in the face of adversity and a call to stand against injustice by the duo PRESIDENT STREET

After what we’ve all been through this year, we kinda forgot to see the beauty all around us and celebrate the positive events happened because we were too focused on the bad! And this is why when I’ve heard the new track “TIME IS UP” by the duo PRESIDENT STREET, a big smile appeared on my face.

Struck by the images of so many people of all colours, ages, gender, sexuality and backgrounds coming together to unite around making the
changes that the planet really needs right now, this track is a FANTASTIC hymn that celebrates the diversity in all its forms and a spark of hope during these uncertain times.

The Pop Dance single made of joyful and driven vocals with upbeat vibes is an irresistible production that’ll undoubtedly make you wanna dance around the room and give hugs to strangers. Music is the most powerful vehicle to unite and PRESIDENT STREET did an amazing job with this idea in their minds.

Like many others, the duo didn’t let the pandemic stops their creativity, working hard on new materials and planning already a supporting UK tour with Roachford, the band led by singer Andrew Roachford.

A series of shows that I can’t honestly wait for!