The pure raw energy of KOALRA and their new single ‘WATER’s PUSH’

Growing up with the post-punk scene and the raw passion of grunge music, when I heard the brand new single ‘WATER’s PUSH’ by Chicago quartet KOALRA, I couldn’t do anything but smiling through the entire time.

Powerful drums, cutting bass-lines, melodic guitar’s riffs and a driven vocal worthy of some of the biggest singers from the punk scene, KOALRA is a band that you HAVE to listen to immediately if you feel like smashing something or you just miss the golden era of distorted guitars and angry topics.

The wall of sound with its dissonances twisted with lo-fi vocals will transport you into a cinematic scenery made of a vintage aesthetic, and like old polaroids of a time that is gone but which you won’t let go because of all the great memories, ‘Water’s Push’ will take a spot into every listener’s heart and turn them into fans.

I’m sure that as soon as these guys will hit the stage the crowd will go wild!
Can’t wait to hear their upcoming album as well!

A must-listen for all the fans of SONIC YOUTH and DINOSAUR JR.

Watch now the official video for ‘WATER’s PUSH’