The melancholy Dream-Pop of MOON MUSEUM and their debut single “PLEASURE OF PEACE”

I’m a guy who loves every type of music and always on the hunt for new bands, but if we have to be honest, most of the times it’s hard for me to be impressed. Well, as a matter of fact, this time my jaw touched the ground.
I was intrigued by MOON MUSEUM‘s profile but, as soon as I pressed play, this INSANELY talented band from San Francisco captured me.

I’ve had to look properly at least three times because I genuinely couldn’t believe that “PLEASURE OF PEACE” was their first single.
The song is a wall of sound that’ll overwhelm you with its blend of Alternative Rock vibes and Dream-Pop sonorities that’ll bring the listener into an introspective journey and creating a cinematic experience.
Something absolutely not easy to do and definitely not so common for an emerging act.

The melancholy and yet uplifting single is part of their debut EP recorded in 2019 and majestically mixed and master during the global pandemic by Ben Hirschfield of NuTone Recordings and I personally can’t wait already to hear more from this quartet.