Multi-faceted artists: London electronic music duo Tullamarine is formed by Adam Young of England and Joss Armitage of New Zealand. The two writers and producers have been friends for twenty years, but they have always made music separately until in 2015 they started to make music together and since then they have not stopped! In their songs, they experiment with sounds, share ideas and the music is born almost naturally. Their key musicians are artists such as Jon Hopkins, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Aphex Twin, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, LFO, Underworld, Digweed. 

In their songs range from minimalism to ambient, up to pop and classical and melodic music: an all-round duo! Their latest track, just released, titled “Then Billy Said / What Billy Said Next” is a dream sequence that evokes intimate childhood memories of the now-deceased mother figure. Both the lyrics of the song and the music video, address the theme of the relationship with women and in particular with the mother, gone away when the protagonist of the song was still very young; alludes therefore to the importance of the maternal figure in the life of each of us and death that inexorably leads you to have to say goodbye to those you love… The song is taken from Tullamarine’s upcoming album entitled ‘Frequency‘: stay tuned!

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