#ARTISTPROMOTION | The electropop at its best with DUNNE’s new song PURE AND BARE

The German artist DUNNE sets a higher standard in the emerging music scene with his new track PURE AND BARE.

Think of Massive Attack’ sound with an incredibly pop vocal on top mixed with trip-hop vibes and catchy choruses. Now add a charismatic persona as the mastermind behind this formula and the result will be DUNNE.

The powerful and intriguing composition seems to be born to become part of a movie soundtrack due to its atmospheric and cinematic aura.
Being a movie fanatic like I am, you can imagine the excitement when I’ve heard it in the first place.

Seeing that the singer-songwriter previously had many other musical journeys, it’s another proof of the experience this guy has on his shoulders. An experience that you can clearly hear through his composition and style that is undeniably 100% ahead of the rest.

From the instrumental section to the production, from the lyrics and the well-interpreted vocal performance, PURE AND BARE is the perfect track to escape with from the noise inside your head and all around you.