The downfall of the patriarchy through the hypnotic beats of MISCHGEWEBE and their single “UNMADE”

The first thing musicians should always remember in my opinion is the fact that they have the most powerful vehicle in their hands and the possibilities to reach a vast number of people with a message are endless.
And I guess that once you achieve this goal as an artist, you’re on the right path to becoming an icon and maybe an inspiration for the next generations. This is why I love when I discovered a band that has a great and distinctive sound and something to say. Today’s case is MISCHGEWEBE, a crazy talented duo from Switzerland.

These two guys got my attention immediately thanks to their distinctive sonorities and songwriting. In their latest release “UNMADE” they explore the downfall of the patriarchy through the captivating mix of heavy basslines, epic female choir, distorted drums and a superb guitar’ solo.
The result is a tribal hymn with an unexplainable sense of empowering that’ll make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Strong, vulnerable, brave and most importantly, supported. It’s like “UNMADE” was born to all those who struggle with prejudices and internalized gender images.

The fact that in 2021 women still don‘t get the same rights, career opportunities and respect as their male counterparts is a shame and it’s something we should all take our part in to stop this injustice but I think having the right spokesperson to bring it to light the theme and reach as many people as possible is key. And I genuinely think that MISCHGEWEBE could easily fill this role.

ALL TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Why not have a great marching song to act?