The contagiously sound of CITY TRACKS and their debut single “YOU ARE MINE”

Something I’ve learned the hard way is the fact that we should learn to appreciate more those people around us we care of. A simple gesture, a kind word or, if you’re a talented musician, why not a proper song?
Hailing from St. Catherines, Ontario, CITY TRACKS is an indie band that’ll soon become your next favourite act to singalong to. And you wanna know why? Well, these guys are insanely addictive.

I’ve had the enormous pleasure to discover them thanks to this blog but I’m already a big fan and already learned by heart their banging track “YOU ARE MINE”. The sonorities are fresh and emotional with easy but well-written lyrics, making the song enjoyable even for younger generations. Catchy guitar’s riffs, driven vocals and rhythmic beats: YOU ARE MINE is undoubtedly a song that could perfectly fit on every radio station. A perfect blend between THE HUNNA and KENSINGTON, two of my all-time favourite indie rock bands.

Written specifically about bandleader Matt Klyne’s fiance, YAM is one of those hits everyone can relate to and I’m sure that if CITY TRACKS are gonna work this way, they’ll soon become known worldwide.
I’m gonna tell my kids I was there since the beginning!