Leicester-based alternative rock trio Switchdown have released their latest single entitled ‘Without It’ today through their new label Growup Records. Forming in 2018, Sam, Joe and Harry have already made a name for themselves, supporting the likes of Mallory Knox and Can’t Swim. The track sees the trio go back to their roots, injecting a lethal shot of adrenaline to combat a lockdown lethargy. As always, the song is chopped full of a high-energy alt-rock riffs and a punk ferocity that disguises the occasional pop hook. The track was recorded and mixed by Jamie Ward (Bury Tomorrow, Dream State) and master by Tom Woodhead (FIDLAR and Tall Ships). 

‘Without It’ will be the first of two singles due out this year, accompanied by self-produced videos and a couple more surprises promised soon. Channeling inspiration from the gleaming, chorus-soaked riffs of Lower Than Atlantis, the song features a driven sound akin to post-grunge group Dinosaur Pile-Up ​— ​though not without ​Switchdown​’s own pop-led charm. Meeting on the line where pop and rock fans can get along nicely, ‘Without It’ makes another strong addition to the trio’s discography.

“Switchdown started as us just being us; a group of mates on a similar wavelength spending too much time together. We were just speaking in in-jokes and film references. I think ‘Without It’ was our way of getting back to that. Not getting bogged down with day-to-day disappointments and just enjoying the time spent with good friends.”

– Switchdown

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