Helping us making these gloomy times less dark, with a poignant and pure single! Kaitee Page is an artist that we can call a bit “controversial”. After spending the last 15 years in the music world as a session string player in Los Angeles, an electric violinist and a 5-string keyboard player on tour, and an electropop singer-songwriter performing under the name of Lunic, she “got tired of swimming against the tide in a music industry” that often chewed and then spitted on artists without considering them in their creative process and in their being people before musicians.

Also, accomplices to some things that happened in her personal life, Kaitee packed her bags and moved from New York to Dallas to focus on her career as an artist as an abstract painter. She liked that life, until the pandemic arrived and with it an infinity of things to write, that Kaitee began to put on paper and then in music. She started again and today she makes us listen to the ideal song for the moment we are living “What day is it today“, where Kaitee opens and tells us how she is: vulnerable, but at the same time confident! The sound is definitely more mature than in the past, a sign of her musical growth and not only, but there are still elements of electro-pop of her first period!

Check out “What day is it today” and follow below!