In this modern era, it’s not so easy to find new artists who can write powerful rock track that will make you wanna jump and keep your foot moving, but it’s definitely not the case for this young musician from California. “SHIFT” is a song that brought me back to the days were the alternative rock genre was at its best, with the perfect mix of powerful drums, raw guitars and a vocal melody filled with feelings and pure energy.
The lyrics are captivating and you can hear that you’re listening to someone who can relate to the things he writes. Not just a rockstar wannabe, but someone that has what it takes to become big in the near future.

Ryan Palma is an emerging artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, and songwriter originating from Fremont and we can’t wait to have the chance to see such a talented person rockin’ out with his songs live. For sure someone to keep an eye on! For fans of Foo Fighters, Circa Survive and Anthony Green.