Jacqueline Loor is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and producer who writes her songs with her acoustic guitar and keyboard. She’s from Miami, FL, but she currently lives in Tenerife, Spain. Her key musicians are artists such as Led Zepellin, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, U2, Coldplay, Maggie Rogers, Lana del Rey and Ane Brun. Today she presents her last track entitled “I Broke my heart“, the first track written and produced entirely by Jacqueline herself. The lyric speaks of someone who realizes that he has always had his heart broken in love, not because someone else has broken it, but because -autonomously- he has always chosen the wrong partners.

We don’t feel worthy of a love that makes us happy, as if we weren’t enough, and so we settle for someone that doesn’t really make us happy, just to not be alone. Although then, with the wrong person, alone you still feel… But there comes a time of awareness when you realize that this pain can be stopped if you want it! A situation in which each of us has found himself at least once, a song through which Jacqueline hopes to help heal indirectly the people who still live these feelings of toxic love… Thus, her voice speaks openly to us by exposing her soul and making us enter her world, not only musical but also sentimental!

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