Today we are presenting you the emerging singer and songwriter Nauria who just released her debut single – the exciting and female empowering tune ‘Girlfriend Material’ which saw daylight on the 12th of February. Born and bred in Dublin, Ireland the artist creates her fresh sounding alternative RnB pop inspired by the likes of ‘Shakira’, ‘Kate Bush’ and ‘Alicia Keys’.

Nauria has been singing her whole life and have been performing on several pubs in and around Dublin whilst dragging friends to various talent shows pursuing her dream. Besides her pleasing vocals she also plays piano, guitar and harmonica.

‘Girlfriend Material’ is an interesting tune full of crisp guitar chords and bouncy bass-lines that supported by a reminiscent 80’s synth makes for a very exciting sonic landscape. Nauria’s vocals are gracefully grounded and strong as she offers a piece of the experience of being a woman.

“Women shouldn’t have to justify why they are not interested in someone, simply saying “no” should be enough.”

An exciting debut that leaves us wanting more.