A multi-faceted artist: Mo•Louie is a music producer, sound engineer and electronic artist from Melbourne. She studied music production at Collarts where she learned to merge her personal style of writing songs with the actual music production. In fact, last November she released her mixtape titled “An Odd World”, which represents her first complete and fully produced work by herself. This production represents a mix of possibilities and musical experimentations that Mo has fully embraced, making use of all her artistic knowledge.

Inside the mixtape, there are singles who have received a positive opinion from the media world, a sign that Mo is going in the right direction with her music! The mixtape was born during the Covid-19, is, therefore, an introspective vision of a mentally ill person, forced into a banal and repetitive routine, enclosed in a sort of glass box from which she can not express her true emotions. Each song represents a different emotional stage that Mo wanted to make available to her listeners so that anyone can find themselves in her own words. “Many of these songs are ideas and fragments that captured my emotional state at that particular moment“.

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