Today we bring to you something a little special: the Los Angeles-based, Jazz Fusion artist/producer/ guitarist, Juhan Ongbrian. Juhan has already released several songs and albums,  and now he is proud to release his new single, “Biscotti”, out from the last September, that is a Bossa Nova inspired Jazz style of music, with hints of Rock and Blues.

Despite his genre is jazz and rock, Jauhan likes to experiment with new sounds. Technical skill and writing ability blend and combine blues, jazz, and rock, to give life to a musical vision of Juhan. His singer’s main influences are Jimi Hendrix, B. B. King, and Steely Dan. Juhan’s guitar generates, in the listeners, reflections and emotions. So, jazz stops being addressed only to an “elitist” audience and becomes popular: Juahn has managed to bring this genre to a brand-new audience.

Check out ‘Biscotti’ and follow below!

“My sounds can be described as “Modern Traditional Jazz – Experimental – Fusion”. My songs are mainly instrumental, recorded mostly at analog recording studios with a live band, and led by electric guitar.”