Today we are proud to present John Tocco, a guitarist, singer, composer, and son-writer from East Quogue, Long Island. Last October John released Did You Mean It? the third single of his musical project. John has always been an active part of the Long Island music community for several years, here he brought his own style and grew up as an artist. John has sung, played, and recorded with famous artists and along the way has also gathered several fans. But it is from 2020 that he decided to become an independent artist, releasing his debut album last April and embarking on a new solo project, where he will release monthly singles each month for next year. These songs will eventually culminate as a second album.

“Did You Mean It?” it’s a song he wrote from the point of view of a liar who gets a taste of his own medicine from his partner. As they are granted forgiveness, they eventually realize that their lover was guilty of the same crimes. The song takes inspiration from ballet and disco, but also from funk and modern soul. The choir is very melodic and gives the song that extra touch. John primarily explores folk music, inspired by artists such as Simon & Garfunkel and modern indie-folk artists such as Bon Iver, but also draws inspiration from the soul. The guitar is the glue of all his music, the instrument that most of all give emphasis to his songs, but Jonh performs every instrument, confirming his talent and its different musical facets.

Check out ‘Did You Mean It?’ and follow below!