Today we bring you something a little special: a mixture of two voices and two souls. If you like hip hop/pop & funk, then MICHAEL BURNZ is for you! The last September he released his new single influenced by the sounds of hip-hop, funk, jazz, and R&B, all surrounded by a groove that will make you want to get up and dance: NATURALLY! This is the first single from the album “The Expanse”, which we recommend you to listen to in full. Michael Burnz is known for his love for classic hip hop and invites us to challenge us in the name of our own freedom.

In this track we see him collaborating with a female voice, very delicate, but at the same time very strong and effective: Morea Nahani. Through this passage, the two invite us to love more: all of us are born from love and with love, but throughout our lives, they teach us hatred and we grow up surrounded by hatred. What they want to do is invite us to reflect on what we naturally do: love. And his whole album is based on the challenge of love, start listening again, understanding and loving, which is always the first thing to do!

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