Lyon Tide is an alternative pop-rock band from Birmingham formed by an English, an Indian and an Italian: Darren Barnard is vocals and lead guitar, Anthony La Pusata writes lyrics and plays keyboard, and Girish Patel plays bass and drums. They met during an art class in college, where they discovered that they all had a great passion for music. They decided to get together and join their forces and musical experiences, they did some tests until they formed Lyon Tide! 

Their musical influences come from artists such as Snow Patrol, Massive Attack, Erasure, The Smiths. They have already had the opportunity to make their songs known to the general public, in fact, one of their tracks arrived as a semifinalist in an international songwriting competition; other tracks were passed on to some local radio stations and, in addition, they wrote and performed a track for a preschool children’s television show currently in production. 

In doing so, Lyon Tide not only introduced themselves to their music but also gained a good share of the audience. Their debut single, titled “Closure“, moves between indie and rock and guitars and the deep voice make the song melancholy, but at the same time energetic! The track deals with the relegations and in particular the having to close with the person you were in love with after a relationship ended badly: undoubtedly something with which everyone can relate…

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