A multi-faceted artist: Kristen Plati is a singer, songwriter, model and actress born in Perth, but raised in New York. She grew up with a passion for singing and music. At the age of only 5, she began to sing and study the different musical genres, discovering to have a voice and tastes rather versatile. In 2019 she released her debut album titled “Find Me Lost”, which marked her rise into the music world and provided her with a good number of fans and listeners.

Today we want to talk about her latest release: the single “Wanna Be“, released on January 1, 2021. The song deals with the search for the strength to be able to move forward and turn over a page at the end of a toxic relationship, knowing that this change will only do good to ourselves, despite the initial suffering that causes…

Given the strictly personal and thoughtful text, Kristen tells us that she wrote this track in a personal moment of uncertainty and insecurity, with which she wanted to explore and know the nature of her toxic relationship and the courage she then had in letting it go. It is right to experience the pain that you are going through at that moment, to know and identify it so that you can move on and move on! A moment in life in which we all found ourselves at least once and a song in which it will not be difficult to identify.

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