EMMA AND THE FRAGMENTS and the battle against anxiety in their latest release “CIRCLE OF CONCERN”

It’s not a secret that one of the biggest struggles we’ve had to face this year due to the pandemic has been our mental health’ stability. I’ve always been an anxious person and it’s crazy how much I’ve seen increase some attacks at night lately. I know how hard it can be and this has probably been the first reason why I’ve been immediately captured by EMMA AND THE FRAGMENTS’ newest release “CIRCLE OF CONCERN”. It was like this song was written for people like me.

Blending the raw and energetic Indie rock sonorities with post-punk elements, the East-London created a detailed and deep scenario where the anxiety becomes a monster and everything has twisted into a hostile space. From the main character’s mind to the surroundings nothing seems like it’s supposed to. A haunting reminder of the way an anxiety disorder can make one panicked moment stretch out into eternity.

Every instrument is majestically bond to each other, creating the perfect canvas for Emma’s captivating vocals. An impressive wall of sound in between Joy Division and PLACEBO, a banging mix for all the fans of alternative rock.

The band has also created jingles for Virgin Radio and Emma herself was even named the Best Frontperson by Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons at the Captify Battle of the Bands event. Step by step these guys are building a name around their project and I can understand why their fanbase is growing bigger and bigger every day.