EIJSMA: Melbourne’s new pop sensation

Following the likes of Kylie Minogue and Tina Arena is a hard feat to beat. Eijisma shows a promising potential with a smooth driving effort in ‘Even If It Kills Me‘. The Australian is noticeably classically trained and makes use of her double decade knowledge to bolster a Dirty Hit style of synth pop. A format that we see growing in the UK to this day with artists such as No Rome, The 1975 and The Japanese House. The latter she shares many vocal similarities with her augmented harmonies. Arriving at a flexible and very open genre, she has allowed herself to express through the track creatively and make use of her clever lyrical melody and narrative ability. The records darker synths contrast with the sweetness of the piano throughout which only pays more respect to the unique vocal patterns and melodies.

‘Even If It Kills Me’ is a diss at the perfectionism and obsession that came with studying classical music for twenty years. You need to work so hard to fit into a particular style and a particular box; it’s a place where technicality is favoured over creativity. It’s very high pressure and there are certain standards to uphold; you’re not allowed to relax or be yourself. It’s reflecting on that time in my life, but in a style where I’m starting to actually write the songs that I hear in my head, and that I like to listen to.Eijsma