#artistspromotion | Lohrd Snohw – evocative images and upbeat synths

Lohrd Snohw is a 21 year old vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Nottinghamshire. William Bayley is the Brighton-based producer and creator behind Orange Bloom.

Having made introductions over the creative social networking site, Daisie, Lohrd Snohw and Orange Bloom planned to collaborate on a song together. This one song grew into two, and so on, and so on, until “If I can’t drive, will they still let me in?” was finalised as a 7 track EP for release on 3rd June 2020.

Lohrd Snohw is influenced by great songwriters, from Clairo to Leonard Cohen, but there is also a formative interest in exciting textural sounds, like the pop of Charli XCX. As you might guess from her name, all things on screen are influences, too. Closing track “I Will Sleep” was written having seen the first episode of BBC’s Noughts and Crosses adaptation. Orange Bloom started under a different pseudonym years ago. Since then, his style has grown and and formed into the mixture of upbeat synths and talented vocalists seen on recent projects.

The EP was put together in the bedrooms of its creators. All production was either by Lohrd Snohw or Orange Bloom, though guest production by Harlow can be heard on the final track. Lohrd Snohw regards the EP as an introduction to her voice as writer- it’s where the EP title comes from, wanting to be seen as part of that world.

About herself: ‘I want people to come away wondering “Where is she going next?” And I want them to want to watch as I go there.’