#artistspromotion | turn up the volume of your speakers for Electric High and their new single

Norwegian rockers ELECTRIC HIGH are charged and ready to unload their third single. The hard hitting brand new track “WAITING WITH A GUN” is out.

This time, the rockers from Bergen, Norway, shoot out their heaviest loaded riffs and hardest blasting drums so far, while singers PV Staff and Olav Iversen scream their throats out, ranting about everything from unemployed lifestyle to world politics. The new single will be followed up by a gun-swingin’ music video, planned for release June 19, 2020.

Electric High is a high voltage rock band from Bergen, Norway, influenced by bands like Wolfmother, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. The members hail from bands like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies. This band goes straight for the throat, fronted by two in-your-face lead singers, with a guitarist, bassist and drummer who shoot out pure electric power.

Electric High are PV Staff — vocals, Olav Iversen — vocals, Marius Mørch — guitars, Einride Torvik — bass, Tor Bjarne Bjelland — drums (Guest appearance on Waiting With A Gun: Jan Kåre Hystad — saxophone)