#artistspromotion | Shay 24K and her “April showers bring May flowers”

Shailyn Nicole Roberts (Small) professionally known as Shay 24K is a Canadian singer/ songwriter who is embracing a vibrant style of pop and R&B while continuing to evolve her sound as she grows.

She has a very interesting story that leads her to her destiny: music.
Born 1996 in Kelowna (British Columbia) to reggae and calypso singer Andrew Guy and Hairstylist Shannon Small (Roberts). She is of Trinidadian, British/Native-Canadian descent. After her parents separation she was later adopted October 2008 by her mothers late husband, business manager Amberley Small. After moving to Ontario from British Columbia in 2000, her mother was soon married to Amberley Small and with an expanding family had settled in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) where her mother cared for her four children and Amberley Small worked as a business manager at a established car company.

As a child, Shailyn struggled to relate to other children. After her mothers passing in October 2008 and her fathers remarriage, Shailyn continued to move around, staying with relatives, until she finally settled in the city of Toronto with her half brother Visual Artist, Andre Alexander who inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. In high school Shailyn worked alongside Andre selling T-shirts and canvas’ in Kensington Market and Queen Street West from the inside of his Mercedes Benz.

After the passing of her half brother, visual artist, Shailyn decided to direct her focus towards the music business. She had learned the basics of recording and started experimenting with different sounds. She began hosting shows in local bars and venues and has toured Ontario with the intention of developing a successful network. In the same year, Shailyn had temporarily moved to Los Angeles, California where she began rapping in girl group “622”. Releasing the EP “YAKWTFGO” in June 2019. After returning to Toronto she decided to establish herself as a solo artist and embraced her own sound. This year, Shailyn has released her single “VVS” which can be streamed on all streaming platforms. Shailyn dedicates 10 – 15 hours a week to writing, recording and artist development. Her music is designed to tell her story while relating to her audience and spreading a message of love and healing.

Her latest release “April Showers Bring May Flowers” was filmed one her iPhone in the city of Toronto, Canada during the COVID19 quarantine period. It’s a song about moving past lust and developing real emotional growth.