#artistspromotion | Scott Boyd and his “Restless Heart”

From humble beginnings busking on the streets of Melbourne, Scott Boyd is the true definition of an independent artist. As a self-managed singer-songwriter, Scott is now building a solid online following and touring his home country. Today we are listening to “Restless Heart”, his new release which will be the title of the new EP to be released later this year.

Scott’s latest single is a song about learning to relax, and just live in the moment. Written about his twin brother, the song speaks about the good times they shared together driving down to the coast for a surf.

It was some of the rare moments when we could both relax and just enjoy each others company, and not worry about when we would arrive.

We do need a little bit of lightness and “carpe diem” vibes with everything we fight all day long everyday in our lives. Also, Scott Boyd songs are perfect for a trip on the road, together or alone, music does the magic. Other songs from Scott Boyd Spotify profile: