Joe Peter is a DIY artist and producer, who back in May gifted to the public his wonderful track ‘Self Adhesive’, debut of a project that is already starting on a high note. 

He’s from Brighton, which doesn’t surprise us: it is not a mystery how the south England’s city acts as an incubation ground for many talented songwriters and performers, especially around rock and alt-pop aesthetics. That’s exactly where Joe Peter’s music finds itself: a carefully balanced work of alt-rock guitars and sampled drum patterns, with acoustic keys and powerful vocals, vocals that remind us of a certain pop-punk trio from the early 2000. 

Made in the artist’s home studio, ‘Self Adhesive’ tells an introspective tale of surrender and rebirth, an invitation not to lose hope, but instead to fight and try again: “I dunno why but I wanted to kick things off with something that was a bit more guitar based than my other tracks. Lyrically, it was written as a kick up the arse to myself, but also as a reminder to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again.”

Listen to him on Spotify, or watch his self-made stop motion video on Youtube: