#artistspromotion | Digging for Kanky

Digging for Kanky are a North Manchester music duo Ben and Smithy. Ben is the producer, songwriter and vocal lead (rap vocals). They mainly use digital synths and drum samples, also some guitars. Smithy, also singer, contributes to songwriting, especially from a melodic point of view. Many influences such as The Streets, Tyler, the Creator, WOODKID, DRS.

But why this name? They say about them: “there is an urban myth in The part of Manchester that we grew up in (Middleton). Of a grave robbing named Old Kanky would steal bodies from the local graveyard and then take them up the river to central Manchester to sell them to University for medical Science. This is where the name Digging for Kanky comes from.”

The EP was recorded in their home studio, and produced and mixed by them. Influenced by Alice in Wonderland (of course) they tried to make the trippy and dark theme consistent through all of the tracks on the EP. The idea behind the project was to express some of the dark realities, that we all deal with at some point. Be it Austerity in ‘Dead in the Water’ or Death in ‘Gone tomorrow’ to name a couple.

What Ben says of themselves: “we can only really show you what the underbelly sounds like. That’s where we’re from.”

Check out “Alice” video, directed and edited by Klemensas Kozlovas: