#artistspromotion | Crisp & Classy bring sexual liberation and self acceptance to the UK electronic pop music scene

CRISP&CLASSY are two 90’s kids aiming to reformulate the core of human sexual interactions. ‘We are looking to open a conversation about slut-shaming and devotion over club bangers. In the C&C world, every preconception about promiscuity and romance disappears.

What brought them together was their passion for breaking preconceptions, and saying things that no one else will ever say to your face. Their love for diversity and desire to break free is universal and gets translated through their uncensored lyrics and iconic bops.

CRISP&CLASSY continues to prove they deserve their self-proclaimed title of an lgbtq+ feminist darkhop duo with their second single ’Blessed’:

After the hyper pop features of their first single ‘Suffocate’, C&C’s new single ’Blessed’ is here to make you travel into a more liberated, darker and hyper sexualised part of the C&C world. A part where women are #blessed with always getting what they deserve in bed, and they deserve EVERYTHING.

On this side of the world, women have the power to straight forwardly demand what they want and receive unimaginable pleasure. On a heavy hip hop beat with gliding 808s, the lead singer Kat Knix demands to be satisfied and asks whoever will meet her needs to bow down, get on their knees and serve her as the absolute Kween she is.

The melodic universe of the track is fulfilled by an ethereal production by Kat Knix & Plushy, with synths who are meant to make you reach the gods, get you in a state of transcendental sonic climax, all whilst you’re banging your head to the heavy beat of this banger.

Waiting for the “Blessed” new video here’s the “Suffocate” one. Enjoy!