Aimee Broom, a UK based singer and songwriter, is only 15, but she already knows how to move in the music world and is already very popular, so much that has a rapidly expanding fanbase. Following her successful debut single ‘Love Me Hate Me’ which has amassed over 70,000 combined streams to date since its release in March 2020, Aimee seems now unstoppable!

Her new single ‘Summer With You’ was released on Friday 21st August 2020 on all major streaming platforms. The song starts with the same bright, uplifting and youthful energy as Aimee’s last electropop offering, only this time there is more in the way of tropical and synthwave influences with thunderous electronic drum layers, sequential dance-orientated bass loops, bouncy plucks, wide synth lines, choppy pads and sliced up vocal samples. The song itself is a summer-themed love song which is bursting with hooks and sprinkled with a remarkable sense of Scandipop inspired freshness.

The strength of Aimee is her your age: she is in touch with her generation and knows what they like to hear and this is proving to be a winning formula. She recently has signed a management contract with London based artist development specialists SAFO Music and was introduced to the team of commercial pop writer Kelly Erez and Electronic Pop Producer Lorenzo who both co-wrote ‘Summer With You’ song with Aimee.
Having made it onto Spotify’s hugely successful algorithmic platform Your Discover Weekly with her last single, we are all curious to know his future musical projects. Now let’s enjoy the end of summer with ‘Summer With You’.