#ARTISTPROMOTION | SOUP! showcase their craft with ‘ALL THE PEOPLE’

Collaborative project SOUP! presents debut single ‘All The People’.

The most effective creative strategy must be collaboration. That’s the only way to explain the partnership between award-winning producer Gigi Piscitelli and drummer Matt Hardy. The pair gets together to deliver a very refreshing instrumental track, ‘All The People’. Balanced between afrobeat, synth hysteria, and tribal vocal inserts, the result is an explosive mixture of dancing-driven beats and otherworldly atmospheres. We sure dig their aesthetic!  

Soup! is greater than the sum of its parts. At one end, we find Italian-born producer Gigi Piscitelli, a highly skilled professional that lent his skills to bands like Is Tropical, East India Youth, and The Charlatans. On the other end, drummer Matt Hardy, a veteran of the Indie-Folk scene, he has performed with acts the likes of Jake Houlsby and Ajimal. 

‘All The People’ is an instant cinematic banger, it will make you either dance or pray, but in the end, it will have taken you by surprise, without even realizing it. As Matt explains: “The track was born from a percussion loop and us recording hours of live jammin’ on top of it. We wanted to capture the interaction between us and the machine. Then we would go through hours of recordings and find the strongest moments that we would flesh out”.

A must listen! We can’t wait to hear what the pair have in store for the future. 

Listen to ‘All The People’ on Spotify: