Klara McDonnell’s inspiring story reaches a new resolution with new Skynem GT remix of ‘Dusty Glitter’.

Hailing from Ireland, Klara McDonnell has been active for a few years in the local music scene, with a sound close to Americana and folk territories. That’s not the case of this latest remix though, a dance track infused with EDM and Tropical vibes. This shift in reference also reflects into the singer’s personal life, affected by a tragic event earlier this year. She didn’t make a secret of her breast cancer diagnosis, but rather she shared her journey with the world, gaining 8000 followers on TikTok alone. Klara’s upbeat and hopeful personality gave strength to many others in the same position, reminding everybody that even in the darkest situation we can shine a light.  

‘Dusty Glitter (Skynem GT Remix)’ follows a string of releases that took place in 2019, but takes on a modern and fresh quality that we expect will be appreciated by many. The track is, like a big slice of releases nowadays, the product of a lockdown collaboration. McDonnell teams up with up-and-coming Peruvia producer Skynem GT, met through a common friend, to deliver an innovative and contemporary take on last year’s single ‘Dusty Glitter’. 

We must simply recommend you follow Klara McDonnell. Not only for her inspiring story, but also and foremost for her magnificent music. 

Watch the animated video for ‘Dusty Glitter (Skynem GT Remix)’