Take a base of indie rock n roll riffs, a lungful of wrenching lyrics and raw vocals, then blend with a whole heap of energy and a sprinkling of reverb and that will take you some way to getting a sense of Kid Violet’s edgy, dynamic, yet melodic sound. As lead singer, Billy puts it, ‘Our music is ready to pull at your heartstrings and blow your face off in a matter of seconds.’
Currently based out of London, the five-piece, made up of Billy on vocals, Pawel and Charley on guitar, Tom on drums and bassist Matteo, have been named as one of the breakout bands of 2020.

Taking inspiration from sounds as wide-ranging as Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes to Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Interpol, the boys are huge music fans. As co-songwriter and guitarist Pawel explains, the band bring all of that love and energy into their music, ‘We just start jamming, coming up with random riffs and then, out of the blue we have a new song. The dynamic is exceptional.’ This dynamic has seen them play This Feeling’s Big in 2020 and make the finals of Isle of Wight Festival’s New Blood competition and online releases.

Their new song “Release” was recorded and mixed in a day at 1-2-3 Studios in Peckham and produced by Rob Wilks of Squarehead Records and it’s fresh and it’s a bit brilliant.“Perpetually angry looking and riled-up, they bring their energy and calculated presence to the room, smashing through their songs. Front man Billy Cotter’s electric energy pulls the crowd into the performance. ”