A band’s name can have the most random origin: it is often a ritual question during interviews and promos. Some might find inspiration in a famous band’s old song, others will use a concept to encapsulate a deep meaning. In the case of South London band Earl Gray Collective, the initial spark was given by the founder’s surnames, respectively ‘Earl’ and ‘Gray’. Carpe diem, they said, and not long after their first meeting decided to start a band. 

Their debut EP was released last year, and gained them a considerable amount of online streams, together with airplay opportunities at Radio Riverside.

Their latest work was released last week, and sees the single ‘Landslide’ showcasing the band’s upfront character further on.

An infectious blend of Indie-rock and disco, with a modern blues attitude. ‘Landslide’ is as light as it is effective: made to leave you in a good mood, it features melody lines that could easily appear in top-tier radios and media. As they explain: “We’ve had a lot of fun creating this latest single Landslide, we feel like it gives a fresh twist on disco that gets your feet moving and your heart pumping”. 

Earl Grey Collective have a live show on the horizon, the 14th of August at the Spice of Life, in London Soho.

For fans of Matt Corby, Kamie Cullum, and John Mayer. A band to watch out for!  

Listen to ‘Landslide’ on Spotify: