Listening to these tunes, we can say they are encoded with some transformational energy that can turn toxicity that may be lingering inside you into positive energy. This EP is like a quick katharsis for your soul, listen, feel and allow all toxicity to be expressed and hence released. And then release it and write to the world about the miracle of Dual Boy’s [TOXIC ROCK]

Who is it ‘ DUAL BOY ?

I am not a band, I am an indiviDual Boy and I am 23 years old, polish, living in Denmark. I make trap. Most of the times. I was born and then got disintegrated and at some point 2-3 years ago I started integrating again. And this is how we met.

Are there any other interesting or funny events that you have been involved in that might interest those who like your music?

I went once to Copenhagen to collaborate with another artist and once I flew to Stoke-on-Trent to shoot a music video that soon will be on my channel (name “Follow The Light”). Other than that the great thing was this live stream I did for my birthday, was amazing you should check it out.

Where was it registered and how did you work?

For example my TOXIC ROCK EP was entirely recorded in my basement where there is concrete, metal fences, hydraulic pipes above your head which make sounds of flushed water (with additional poop etc.). When you enter the basement the light turns on and when you sit there until it shuts you remain in nice darkness lit up only by the green EXIT signs on the ceiling. The vibe was awesome.

Is there a particular detail behind your latest musical work?

I went to the basement because I was recording at night and I didn’t want to interrupt anyone’s sleeps. And I also was more comfortable at the time to be alone, when no one listens it is easier to open up and focus on music and yourself. There were 2 days in a row I went underground and I created songs where main motive was toxicity of life. That we are sometimes toxic and I wanted to give it a voice in my music. And I did in my opinion it turned out how I wanted it to be. Bravo me.

Tell us about your single.

‘Fragile’ is about me being sensitive person that is breaking up all the time. I have wants and desires which are constantly not being fulfilled and I can’t stand it. !!! ‘Bitter’ is about me not really wanting to talk about my feelings even though I would love to. But sometimes it is easier to just sing it because I don’t know what I feel but I feel something weird. Good and bad at the same time. Resentful but hopeful. Weeeeirrrd. ‘No Idea!’ originated when I was trying to record something but I just didn’t feel it and then I was like, ‘wait a minute, I will just honestly say what I feel’ and I felt like it was another day that went to trash, without ideas for songs. That’s how it was born.