#ARTISTPROMOTION | ALEX FREW is here to stay: debut single ‘GET OUT ALIVE’

Alex Frew delivers top-tier songwriting with debut single ‘Get Out Alive’, complemented by an impressive visualizer that further cements his stature. 

Canadian artist Alex Frew left the pop music scene very pleased earlier this year, releasing his single ‘Get Out Alive’. Featuring an impressive songwriting quality, incredibly contemporary and well balanced, the track also showcased Alex’s expressive vocals over a masterfully crafted production; the kind of work you instantly know belongs to an ideal music Olympus. 

More recently we saw the release of a visualizer, or better, a visual cue, an ocular reference. Lasting less than 2 minutes, the footage sees Alex walking in an empty field, in what could easily be the incipit of a surprisingly good movie. Echoing the song’s main theme, the video projects the viewer in a world where innate fears have taken the steering wheel, making one’s mind navigate between loneliness, doubts, crumbly affection, and delicate passion.

At just 18 years-old, Alex Frew is a star in the making. Watch the visualizer for ‘Get Out Alive’ on Youtube: