South London has always been an area rich of artistic talents, from King Krule to Hannah Diamond. It is also where we find R&B’s most secret gem, Sipprell. Her 2015’s debut was championed by the likes of BBC 1 Xtra (Best of British), and supported by a whole range of press (Complex, Notion and Dummy, between the others). Since then, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, releasing more but also taking time to reflect. 

‘Like We Don’t Care’ was released in May, as part of an upcoming EP, which is set to showcase the flexibility of Sipprel’s vocals, ranging from a strong R&B punch to a soulful neo-soul tone. The production, by Chloe Martini, could be seen as minimal, but it does awake hidden feelings in the listener. 

Lyrics focus on communication issues in relationships. In Sipprell’s words: “Everyone’s relationship is different, but I grew up with a mother that found it difficult to communicate her feelings freely. I naturally mirrored this behaviour in our relationship which left us harbouring resentment for many years & not being able to open up to each other. Ultimately, it’s about wanting to be honest about your true feelings, that behind the walls we put up out of fear, we care more than anything.”

Sipprell is coming back with a bang, and we cannot wait. Make sure you listen to ‘Like We Don’t Care’ on Spotify; New single ‘Nu Low’ is also available, equally charismatic!