“AENGUS’ FOOL”, the magnificent debut of Mancunian band SLEEP WALKING ANIMALS

When you see an unsigned band making their debut, you might not have high hopes and high expectations for a simple reason: you probably think that they obviously have to make lots of experience on and off the stage, write songs after songs and reach a good level of technique before releasing the “big one”. Well, this is definitely not the case of SLEEP WALKING ANIMALS.

This indie folk/rock quintet from Manchester are nothing but FANTASTIQUE. I genuinely couldn’t believe that “AENGUS’ FOOL” is their debut single. Everything in this anthemic song is in the right place creating the perfect balance between Mumford&Sons and Goo Goo Dolls.
SWA’s music is atmospheric, powerful, uplifting and with a poetic vein that’ll conquer your heart.

The sensation of losing control and become a puppet when you’re too vulnerable emotionally, the importance of love, the feeling of hope and infatuation…everything is majestically narrated thanks to Tom Glynn-Carney’ songwriting and a clear sign for a long term journey in the music scene for these guys.